My friend and I attended a seminar for actors this evening and this is what happened:

(She wrote this but I stand behind her statement 100%)

I went to a seminar tonight and it felt a bit like a scam.  Maybe you've received emails about 'Hey I saw your commercial' classes.  I have no comment on those classes, but I do have a comment on the person running them.

Basically, you sign up for a free class with a money deposit and then when you go they give it back so they can guarantee your spot.  This is reasonable and I've heard of places that do that.  So my friend and I sign up for a class advertised as "Info About Fi-Core."

We show up.  He says it's a 3 hour class and we get a bad feeling about it.  Basically he's mislead us all by saying it's a class about Fi-Core, and really it's his regular pitch-session class to get people to sign up for his commercial classes.  Then he says he'll discuss Fi-Core at the very end of the 3 hours.  The thing is he doesn't take names until the very end, so if you leave early he keeps your deposit.

We left immediately and I'm disputing it on PayPal.

So, just be aware of this if you ever consider doing anything with that company, ever. Further investigation has shown LOTS of complaints about him all over the internet.