Lost Angeles: Level Up!



Greetings friends! Happy 2012 to all of you! It has been a while but I'm back to blogging about my experiences here in Lost Angeles. And what a year it has been! I'm leveling up on all fronts and it's very exciting!

1. Meet Marc!

For those of you who don't know, I married a human whirlwind of love named Marc Porterfield on October 30th in downtown LA. In fact, we were married on a reality show called My Fair Wedding. The story is that Marc and I were catering a celebrity wedding . . . THE celebrity wedding of the year, actually . . . hint, starts with K and ends with N . . . and Marc said to himself, “Self? If they can get corporate sponsorship for their wedding, WE can get sponsorship for our wedding too!” Sure enough, WeTV's My Fair Wedding picked us! So if you have nothing better to do on March 18th, tune in. It was a great experience and so nice to have someone else, namely the amazing celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, take care of all the details for us.

2. SAG

I'm not gonna lie, I've been in an acting lull. My brain was occupied with wedding stuff for most of the year and there was very little room for anything else. However, I did manage to get my SAG card. There's a very easy way to do it, actually, through the New Media loophole. Basically, if someone you know is doing a New Media project (webseries, short film created for the internet, etc.) and they register it with the Screen Actors Guild then they become a SAG Signatory. As a SAG Signatory, they can then hire you as a principal actor. Then they fill out some paperwork and in about 3 months you become eligible to join SAG. This is what happened to me. I worked on a zombie webseries that, unfortunately, will never see the light of day but it was enough to get me in the door. And just in time for pilot season!

3. A question for you . . .

I was sitting with some friends discussing the biz. One of them is lucky enough to be going to Sundance this year with a horror film that he produced. He said to the group, “What do you like about Hollywood?” I thought about it for a minute and finally said, “Everything!” I like chasing the dream and catching it from time to time, I like the back door deals, I like the glamor, I like being part of a recession-proof industry (because everyone all over the world wants American entertainment), I like the acting work itself and still go to class every single week, I like figuring out new ways to get in. ALL of it! So I pose the question to you: what do you like about the biz?

And forgive me for getting deep for a second but his question led me to the larger question of why we get into this business in the first place. It can't be because we want to be the center of attention (although I'm sure there are people like that). Or for the money . . . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . (wheeze) that was a good one!

I ask you because the world is supposed to end this year, thus making 2012 a perfect time to focus on what we really want to achieve and what really makes us happy. I see this year as an opportunity to level up together. So up and at 'em!


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